Pada 06 Maret 2023 - 08:14:17
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Wednesday was a happy day for me as the Principal of SMKN Wonosalam. Starting from good intentions to observe the location of the Pangklungan Plantation, Jombang Regency BUMD. Mr. Fajari as the director of Pangklungan Plantation offered cooperation with Wonosalam Vocational High School by being willing to provide practice places for Wonosalam Vocational High School students majoring in ATP (Plantation Agribusiness). during this visit, we were invited to tour the garden, the Pangklungan plantation area reaches 100 hectares. We were shown the area of ​​student practice starting from the seeding, up to the trees to practice the harvesting process. In the farm we also provide a place for students to rest which is currently under construction. The director of Plantation really welcomes this collaboration by providing the ability to meet the practical needs of students. Also, Mr.  Fajari provided an opportunity for 15-20 students ready to be recruited to become permanent employees at this plantation. This is a very positive experience and rare thing. I hope we can take advantage of this collaboration and it is hoped that it will be a continuous and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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